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All these hours on this damned train and all I could hear was the rain on the window and the steam engine pushing us forward into the grey horizon. At last, we arrived.

Took me some time to find my luggage in that mess of the storage wagon. It had everything in there, literally everything, bags, animals, crates, even an old piano with stained keys. Took my luggage and started walking towards the port. That's when a funny thing happened.

A kid, no more than seven or eight years old, was running through the rain, down the street towards me. Bumped on me, of course, but I instantly grabbed it by the hand. Typical pickpocketing, still, a really promising professional. He got all my travel papers in a split second. But he couldn't go anywhere. It was at that time his mother came into sight popping out of nowhere, full of excuses and obviously not a native, as one would get by her accent. I told her I wouldn't do anything and that I was in a hurry. She thanked me and as for an exchange,  tried to grab my hand and offered to "read my fate". As soon as she turned my palm around, she looked at me, mumbled something in her language grabbed the kid and vanished in the rain! What was that all about?


First stop will be at the pub at the corner of Regent Quay and Waterlane. I'll meet up with some folks there from the crew.

At least I have a great view of the city from here, seems we have some job to do at the port before boarding the ship.

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