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I was right about the eye-like sigil.

I don’t know if I was awake or sleepwalking. I know that as I was walking down the endless corridors, a shadow appeared out of nowhere.

 It felt familiar, like the shadow of someone I knew. It had no eyes, no face for that fact, so I can’t be sure but I would swear it was looking at me. Without any indication it started going away down the corridor. I followed it.

It was not easy, it was dark and I could just barely see it as a darker patch on the corridor. It was not moving fast, but it seemed as if not entirely "here".

It drove me through corridors I had not explored before, to the lower levels of the ship. Our journey ended before a big door, wooden and double. At least it ended for me. My shadowy companion went right through the door and disappeared from my sight. The sigil was on the padlock. The same one as on the cook's knife and, I am sure now, my watch. But still, I need the right word to open it…

My only lead seems confusing. There were symbols on the door forming an arc and a list of numbers under them. Although I haven’t seen anything like that before the positions of the dots remind me of something… As I was gazing at the stars in my shift, I almost had it. I came back to my cabin to sketch them down and think of it.

I am on my own now. I feel weary, my hands are shaking, shivers running down my spine. Fever is the last thing I need now.

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