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I knew that this ship had a steam engine. Not powerless in the whims of the wind. It could move forward no matter the case.

 Today I had to go and help the master mechanic, his second has fallen ill and nobody has seen him exit his room for days.

I found the room following the loud hissing and venting sound the engine was producing. Pipes were coming out of the sides of the door running along the walls disappearing in turns and corners. The more I moved closer the more the sound started to resemble the beating heart of a huge being. It sounded metallic but also deep and so much like a human one at the same time.

The complexity of the design and its workings was far beyond my knowledge, and the explanations of the mechanic helped but a little for me to grasp the bare basics of it. He seemed reluctant to tell me much, as if this was some kind of challenge I had to pass…

What I understood was that I had to, somehow, use the cogs to adjust the pressure of the air. Raising the speed required all the power I could get. But I just needed to find the best sum to maximize the steam. And steam goes always forward …

Following the path down to the lower levels of the ship, I am quite sure that behind all this noise I could hear people mumbling and shouting in an incomprehensive language. I'm starting to think that something is really wrong with this whole situation. Heart beating sounds in the engine, non-human figures roaming the top level corridors at night, strange cargo boxes, bells... I have to talk to somebody as soon as possible. Where to start?

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