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I awoke, or thought I did, in my bunk and was immediately aware I couldn’t consciously move a muscle.

One moment I was there, and the next I was at a mountain pass. Two eel statuses were looking down at me from above, immense in size. The pass seemed to have been broken open through brute force and the missing pieces could be seen below me in the crystal like waters. Then one of the eels moved. Turned its huge bulk towards my direction, slithering in the air in unnatural speed. The last thing I remember was its open stone jaws…

I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, listening to a loud chanted melody that seemed to originate from the depths of the ship …

Another nightmare…

 I rushed to Yang, woke him up and started telling him everything. This was the best choice I made since the beginning of this journey. He started talking to me as well. He told me about the chants that every night are coming from the lower levels, he told me about the cook with the pig tattoo and the strange knives he has in the kitchen, finally he told me about the ship's captain. Four days ago he witnessed something unspeakable. One crew member was held by the officers on a chair at the lower levels. The captain came, leaned forward to the poor fellow's lips and started inhaling right in front of his mouth. Once he was done, the victim was in a state of total dementia. Laughing and singing at the same time until he passed out..

We both decided that night to stay low, and watch our backs.

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