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I was afraid to sleep after what happened yesterday…

I was at the dining room drinking some wine to calm my nerves while waiting for Yang to end his shift.

My eyes were scanning everything jumping from one place to another. I was still on edge but the wine helped.

When I eventually calmed a bit, I saw it. The piano.

I’ve been here many times but I noticed it for the first time tonight. I’m sure it was the same piano that kept company to my luggage on the train. I can't be wrong, it had the same number written on it, 13, it was dirty and I could still see the stains of fingers on the keys. Was that bloodstains?

I sat there, almost as if afraid it’s going to disappear and drive me insane… I lost count of the glasses and began to absentmindedly hit the piano keys…

Then something unexpected happened.

There was a sudden clanking and the piano moved an inch leaving an opening behind it. I could see dim candlelight so I pushed it to open wider and entered.

Entering I found myself into a high-ceiling room , lit only by candles in the middle of it on top of what seemed to be low pillar. A pillar with three sockets on top of it, as if items could fit inside them.

Every sound was stranger inside the room as if elongated and distorted. My own steps and heartbeat sound strange to my ears. The item that seemed of most importance though was a dagger hung high above the pillar behind a complicated interconnected locking system of chains.

I could not stay long. I could hear the ship waking up. I rushed out, closed the entrance and tried to wipe my own fingerprints from the piano moving the dust covering it around…

I need to investigate this more, but I think the mechanic deserves a visit first…After all, this was my lucky watch and everything started since the very first day I lost it.

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