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It took me some time to find the corridor again. After a while though I was in front of the room, the door was locked as always and I could not hear any sound coming from inside.

No matter how much I yelled and knocked no answer came. After a while I realized there was no point in me making unnecessary noise that could draw unwanted attention to me and I stopped. What a stealthy investigator I've become! Nobody was inside…

I started to examine the door, trying to find a way to get it open. The helm seems to be part of the locking mechanism. The only other thing I found was a strange word, ecifircas, engraved in small letters near the helm, but it did not help me much. As a last resort I tried to look under the door, I had to press my face against the floor right next to the crack in order to get an adequate view. There was only the faintest light coming from inside…

There were scratches on his side of the floor with pieces of nail stuck on them and blood showing here and there. It seemed like he had tried to claw his way out through the door first, probably, and the floor afterwards. I think i'm getting paranoid, perhaps it is something different, there seems to be a message hidden in the scratches.

I could get no more information so I left… I need to search this ship better, we may all be in danger.

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