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Six more hours till my shift ends. I have night-watch duty and every time I have to stay on these upper levels, my heart beats faster than a racing horse. I will never forget the shadows I saw at Izmir. It is 3am and I have to find a way not to focus on my thoughts.

The constellations were always a passion of mine. The way to find your route by the stars alone, the skies guiding you through the journey almost seemed like divine intervention.

I am in dire need of some guidance right now… My mind is unable to process and understand all the information I’ve stumbled upon these last days… The message in the scratches, the words of Yang, the missing mechanic, the dreams… If only I could connect the dots of this whole situation like a constellation and make sense of it…

Another thing I noticed was that someone has carved something on the wood at one spot of the railing. It was a square with letters that did not mean anything at first glance. I may spend some more time over it since I have nothing better to do, see what I can discern from it.

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