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He is here for us.

The reaper is on the ship, another passenger on our journey through the fog.

I was at the crow’s nest looking down at the deck. I couldn't move, I could not speak, I could only observe what was happening below.

He was there, Yang, at the edge of the deck holding the railing with both hands. I recognized the spot, it was where I saw the weird square. He looked out in the ocean, a storm looming there, covering the horizon, thunder splitting the skies, and the ship heading straight for it. He seemed serene, determined, unburdened.

And the slim shadow was there also, a piece of the void.

The shadow held out what had the shape of a hand. Yang let one hand off the railing and took something out of his pocket. He let coins fall in the hand. Coins with skulls on them that were lost in the shadows the moment they touched it. Yang let the other hand off the railing as well, walked away and was lost in the fog. The shadow looked up and I caught a glimpse of its scythe as it turned, there were letters there. A message or a warning?

And I was awake. That last image of its glance is there whenever I close my eyes. Slowly fading. Slower than I would have liked. The reaper is here for us… Do I need to find coins of my own? The boatman always has his fare…

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