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The storm is here. I do not know if it is the storm from my dream but it is no less terrible. It’s been going on without a pause for two days now.

 We are all on edge because of the weather. We keep on removing the water from the deck and the storm keeps on adding it. Even the superiors are helping out; only the captain is in his cabin just giving orders.

I told Yang about the square and my dream.

He smiled and told me he will do a card trick in order to calm my nerves and take our minds off the raging storm. I never understood how he did it, but no matter how many times I made him repeat it he could always find my card in the same manner as before.

And just now, another officer came and told me the captain wanted to see me. To ask me some questions he said. We looked at each other and Yang tried to calm me down. It's probably nothing he said.

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