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That was a very weird meeting.

The captain was extremely calm, as if he did not even notice the storm that was raging around us. He was sitting there, on his desk, with his pipe simply smoking. A tall man, with a well-kept beard and blue intrusive eyes. It was the first time I had met him and I observed he had a lion tattoo on his wrist. I had never realized it before but every high ranking officer I’ve seen on this ship seemed to have an animal tattoo… the cook had a pig, another officer a peacock, a goat and now a lion… Do they have a meaning?

 The chairs, we were sitting on seemed extremely luxurious. Naval and astral maps were scattered on the walls and the table in front of him. Rows and shelves of books and instruments with symbols and sigils, some of which I recognized. But what stroke my interest was a calendar on the wall behind the captain. It was decorated with an intricate design of lines and fishes around the months and above it all it wrote ecifircas. I recognized the word. The same word and decorations were on a list of dates on top the captain’s desk, half buried beneath papers and maps.

I was not paying any attention at all at the captain at this point. He was asking questions about my relatives and how my life is on this ship. I tried to answer each question cautiously. At some point he got up to fetch some more tobacco for his pipe. I don’t know what made me snatch the paper the moment he turned his back on me, but I had it in my pocket before I even realized what I was doing.

I tried to get the conversation going to show that everything was normal. When I asked him about his birthplace he looked outside the window, smiled and answered that he is from the north seas. Well OK, I imagine that it is not hard to guess, but why all these mysterious answers? Everything on this ship drives me insane. I am starting to think that for all the money in the world this voyage is just not worth it. He stood there, silently gazing at the storm, smoking his pipe. The smoke of his tobacco was way too heavy for my taste… He told me that I, as all the crew members, are a big asset of this ship. Yeah right...

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