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I have the weird calendar now. The dates hold the meaning. I think I know what they will give me access to and it makes me most worried. This word, ecifircas, was stuck in my mind till the moment I realized what it meant. It was so simple. And after I found out the pattern on the dates, thoughts started to form…

 Perhaps the mechanic was right all along. I need to go there and see what I can discover. Finally I have a new lead to follow.

I don’t know what to believe. What are they trying to accomplish with this? And who is involved? Something is going on with this ship though and its crew and I want to find out what, enough with the mysteries. It is time I shed some light on what is happening and under the cover of night I plan to do just that.

I can only trust Yang. I’ll talk to him. Get him to help me. I don’t know what I’ll encounter there but I’ll feel safer if he is with me… It is now past midnight. I will pay him a visit and show him what I've snatched from the captain's cabin. After all, he is Asian, they always have a better way with riddles compared to us, the western people.

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