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We tried to be as silent as possible. It took us a while to find the way in the dark but Yang seemed to have very good orientation skills.

I turned the wheel the amount of times the calendar indicated, it took me a while to find the correct combination between left and right turns but the fish helped.

The moment we opened the door I knew I was right. The walls and floor of the plain room was filled with blood and scratches. A myriad of candles was lighting the room dimly, making the corners and edges seem sharp and hostile. There was only one thing inside except from the walls and that was an altar.

Most of the candles were positioned on top of it. They had engravings on their bases and the melted wax had dripped all over the construct. I wonder to what god or being this was dedicated.

And then, suddenly, the door shut hard behind us and creaked back open again slowly. The wind it made, brute and sharp, blew the flames in its path away. Most of the candles stayed lit, but some were blown out leaving me with the letters on their bottom side, wondering what they mean.

We turned our heads to the direction of the door. What we saw made our blood run cold, a hooded figure was standing there, half hidden in the shadows. None moved for a second and then he just took a step back and merged with the darkness of the corridor behind. I lounged forward but the moment I exited the room he was nowhere to be found. It is impossible to have run that fast, the corridor stretched to either direction for a good while, and I did not hear a door open or close.

We need to keep a low profile, I don’t know if it will do any good, but maybe they will let us be so as to not stir things up. I am afraid though that we may have the same fate as the last resident of the room. We need to be careful.

 It is now more than obvious we are dealing with a very dangerous cult.

How long was he observing us though? Everything is clearer now. They are worshiping some kind of gods. Are they trying to awaken them? Was the message of the bell directed to them?

I need to calm down and put everything in order. I have to investigate further.

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