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As the days were passing, it became an obsession to me.

I knew I had to stay down, not give them any excuse to act. But I couldn’t. I felt it was crucial to my survival. I searched around for everything that could be of importance or out of the ordinary.

Today I was lucky, as I was sneaking around the navigator’s room I saw him leave letting the door unlocked. He had a snake tattoo on his arm. I quickly crept inside and closed the door behind me making sure to make no sound.

The room was consisted of the bed, a wardrobe and a desk with maps and papers, it was generally well kept and tidy and it looked freshly cleaned.

Walking nearer to the desk I saw some papers on top of the desk with the maps. I know how to read the naval and astral maps and find a route. But these papers had directions that seemed encrypted for reasons I cannot understand.

I think I have sketched it right. It had an interesting note on the bottom: "Where everything should be put"

The moment I put the last details down I lifted my head and for the first time in days looked outside a window. What I saw took me by surprise. We were at a port with the storm still raging around us! I was trying so hard to get the right answers that even time has slipped away from me. I had no idea what port we were at or when we reached it.

Looking outside more carefully I saw that we were loading another piece of cargo. Very similar to the other two, but longer… Immediately I run outside to see what they would do with it. I reached them the moment they were getting onboard and followed them as closely as I could without getting noticed. They disappeared inside a big crate at the back of the deck.

I need to take a close look at it…

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