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There was a small delay yesterday on the ship's departure and we had to spend the night at the port. The room we were located was an expensive one. We are all happy with the way the company treated us. A free room yes, but I ended up paying the “price” for last night. I loved the wine, cannot say the wine loved me back.

Here we are, with my three newfound companions, soaking wet, waiting for some strange people to bring some even stranger cargo.

As we waited we started talking about our journey. We will visit so many countries. I knew about the ports of, Izmir, Primorsk, Kolkata, Lagos, but they said there would be more. Such a shame, always having to see the filthy ports and never the beauty of the capitals. This new job looks promising though. I have a long journey ahead.

It is getting late and no sign of anyone yet. My watch tells me another hour has passed. It was a gift from my mother. The only thing my father left her. I never met him. He abandoned her when I was no more than a toddler and the only thing left was his watch. When I told her one day I’m going off to be a sailor and explore the seven seas, she gave it to me. My lucky item, uncommon by its own right. Square and with a sigil of an eye on the lid.

No time to dwell on memories now, duty calls. Our cargo is here, time to load it on the ship and be on our way.

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