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Yang was right.

After I understood what the codes meant it was easy to open the crate. I hid near it for a long time, well away from prying eyes to make sure nobody was watching it. When I was confident I made my way towards it and opened the padlock.

What I saw at the bottom of the crate was stairs going down into darkness. With one hand on the wall on my left I started carefully descending.

At the end of the stairs there was a room. No candles or windows to let in any moonlight and yet the walls themselves seemed to have some kind of luminance of their own. A weak shinning, but enough to see what was around me. There was our captain along with two officers, chanting in a weird language. A crew-member was strapped on a chair in the middle of the room. Around it, desks with numerous instruments and a wide red banner with two demon heads hanging behind him.

And then it happened...

As Yang has described me, the captain stood in front of his victim's mouth, inhaled heavily and left the man unconscious.

I'm back in my room. I can't believe what I've just witnessed. Leaving that chamber, almost running, I could still hear the poor man waking up singing and shouting in a delirium. I won't sketch the event that I witnessed but I'm sure that the banner and the inscriptions on it have something to do with this "lethal kiss".

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