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The moment I got the amulet on my hand I was sure the mechanic and the scratches were telling the truth. I did not know its purpose but I could feel it was emitting energies that I have not experienced before. It was almost as if it was vibrating in my hand. It was round with engravings on both sides and almost as big as my palm.

I quickly stuffed it in my pocket and was on my way, sneaking back in my room hopefully unnoticed.

  Had another dream that night…

I was standing at a shore, the waves reaching my feet. My view filled with clouds and thunder. I spotted our ship stranded among the waves, in and out of view as they covered it whole.

That’s when he talked. “It won’t survive the storm without help you know”.

I turned around and saw him. He looked ancient. Way bigger than a human and it showed, even though he was bend and almost kneeling under a huge weight.

He seemed to know my fears about the ship, as if he was reading my mind.

“I can help it, I can help you, you are bound to the ship and its fate is your fate”

I asked why, didn’t like him being the only one talking.

“You can’t do anything, you are not the first and you won’t be the last. But I can help you, the waves will obey me. I will bring the ship to safety, I could even help you cheat fate. Maybe you will be the first to survive.”

His words hold power, but I did not know his terms and I wondered what they may be. I did not have to speak, he knew I was tempted.

“I do not want anything man. You don’t have anything to give me. How could you?” He laughed. “But as you see, I cannot go now, I hold this and if I let it fall all will perish. It is my punishment since ages unknown to your kind… But if you could hold it for a while, just until I stretch my shoulders, I will bring your ship to safety and I will tell you what to do.”

I was tempted, my mind was clouded and I started moving to take the burden from his shoulders. I wanted to know how to survive, escape my destiny that seemed darker every day. But I have heard many myths through my travels and I knew his story as well.  A creature of false promises. I declined and walked away from him and the shore.

I wanted to leave him there, forever tormented by the center of gravity.

His words followed me as I was leaving. “You will curse the moment you declined my offer before you see the end of this journey, at least here holding the sky you would have lived. There are worse fates than this, worse fates than death even.” His laughter was ringing in my ears when I awoke on the ship.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was the sky outside the window. The storm had passed. I learned later that there had been some missing persons. Supposedly taken by the sea at some point. I have my doubts about that. I hope that it is so, the alternative may be far worse.

Did I make the correct choice?

I haven’t seen Yang since yesterday. I hope he is alright…

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