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Yang is gone. I asked everyone on the ship. They all act like they never knew him. I will not lose hope. I know he is alive. Somewhere hiding maybe or taken by them. I will keep looking for him.

I won't hesitate a second more. I will get to the bottom of this.

I had no more leads after I found the amulet. But I thought that the paintings scattered around the ship may all hide secrets. Another painting is at the library. It shows two demon heads, just like the ones I saw in the torture chamber just a few days ago.

I went there with the amulet around my neck to keep it safe. My intuition was right.  Behind it I found a piece of paper I’ve copied here and another cupboard with a lock...

I feel I need a name.

Back in my room reflecting on my past and thinking about the importance of names I realized, I barely remember any names of the people I have traveled with. Crew members never stay the same, so I never had the need to.

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