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I found the second amulet. This one had a square with holes on it and it emitted the same strange energies. I tried to hang it around my neck as well and it would not fall down to touch the other one. As if they were repulsing one another, like magnets of the same polarity. These energies do not feel like being of this world…

I think these amulets are making things worse.

Another dream…

I was at the deck. People were walking and running around doing their jobs and chores, some even passing right through me while others were avoiding me as if noticing me in the very last minute.

It was then I saw a cloud approaching me. Of course it couldn't be an ordinary one. As it came closer I saw that the cloud was made out of thousands of bees. Three of them right in front of my face, with the buzzing sound of their wings reaching the very depths of my ears.

Their stings piercing my arm felt as real as anything else and the burn coming from under my skin afterwards, almost stole a scream from me.

I woke up with my arm swollen, three bee stings marking my skin.

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