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The days are passing and still not a thing about Yang..

I have no idea where we are heading. The thought occurred to me after the last port.  I wish I had some kind of instrument to at least know where we are with some more precision. But tools like these are reserved. Whatever our course is, a path towards salvation or a road straight to hell, there is nothing I can do about it…

I don’t trust anyone, whatever happens here I am sure they are all part of it. After I saw the navigator’s snake tattoo I paid more attention to them… What could they mean?

Today I tried to be "friends" with the cook. The only one that Yang spend some time with. Maybe I could get some more information from him. Although I thought it would be difficult to approach him, he acted as if he knew me for some time now. Strange... He never lets anyone near the kitchen..

Almost a month on the ship and lately fish seem to be more and more on the menu. I took a closer look at his knives as he was tearing apart some more fish for dinner. A strange sigil of an eye was on the grip of his knife, it looked really like the one on my long lost watch. Although I can't be sure. Constantly cutting the fish with it he never gave me a clear view.

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