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I was right! My watch was in there! I have it in my hands! It is missing the back part but it's the least of my worries.

The missing part revealed a square inside the watch with several two-digit numbers in it. I think it turned out to be the last amulet I need. How could this be? But nothing comes for free, my luck did not return with it...

As I left the storage room, with the watch in my hand, I headed towards the stairs.  A cultist figure was there. The only part of him I could see under his robes was his eyes, glowing almost white blue. His voice when he talked was sand grinding on stone. His words not mere threats but consequences that would come to pass without mercy if I did not comply.  If I pushed forward they would take action. His stare froze me in place. I just stood there terrified for what seemed like hours after he left.

Why has he spared me? Did he see me in the storage room? I think not ... Or the consequences he talked about would already be facts rather than threats.

What have I gotten myself into? This is far too big for me. The days have passed and I am secluded in my cabin most of the time. I dare not show my face around. Constantly looking behind my shoulder expecting to see a harsh face.

Can’t sleep. No peace to be found there. Can’t eat. One more ugly fish and I am done. The cook’s recipes do not measure up to the standards of any human being. I truly understand my Chinese fellow… Bringing his own pasta to every journey makes sense now.

Haven’t seen him again since that storm.

My memories are the only place I can find any solace. My mind, tired and shaken, always returning to my favorite port. These were simpler days, no worries other than the next storm, the next sweet embrace in the taverns. I always compare everything with that port these days. The port I always remember. Will I ever see its docks again, hear its seagulls and smell its foods?

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