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Finally boarded the ship. After they had taken the cargo off of our hands, they guided us through to show us the main levels we’ll need for our duties and finally to the dining room to wait until they would assign us our bunks. The ship itself seems to be, all in all, gigantic for the amount of cargo it has at the moment.

I still have this strange feeling I had as I was walking down its stairs. Cannot tell if it was my stomach from the wine or something else. Felt like everything was spinning around at my very first step on the deck. I lost my balance for a moment and almost ended up in the sea. Thank God the Asian guy I met yesterday was there and grabbed me. What a shame. Now they must all think I am some kind of vagrant.

As we walked down the first corridor, there were carvings and dreadful paintings on the walls. Ugly faces, and a strange smell of something burning...

Or it may just be me..

The ship's design was a mixed construction of wood and metal. As if  a new ship  was built on the remains of a really old one.  Above it all, everything is locked, locked chests and doors everywhere. The doors in particular had the strangest locking systems I have ever encountered. Padlocks embedded on the knobs with letters, numbers, even strange symbols of some kind of language.

This cannot be practical, what would happen in a shipwreck?

The dining room was as big as everything. Multiple rows of tables and seats, red curtains on the windows, and a huge painting on the further wall. It depicted a serpent or dragon of some kind coming out of the sea coil after coil. Even the frame was peculiar, embossed with spirals and roman numbers.

The hours passed and now I am in my bunk.

First night on the ship and I lost my watch. Could I have misplaced it somewhere? I know I had it when I boarded the ship. Did it slip from my pocket or was it someone from the crew?

We are in the middle of the sea, so it’s definitely still on the ship and should reappear at some point.

I’m probably just not thinking clear. I’m sure everything is going to make perfect sense tomorrow.

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