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I was in a thick forest. Branches were intertwined before me but they moved aside as I was approaching, making a path in front of me, a path with turns and twists. I felt guided.

I heard the voice before I saw it. It was part of the trees. The voice did not come from a mouth although one existed. It came from the leaves and the branches.

“Come, there should exist a witness. The ritual demands it”

It was holding a knife, curved blades on both sides, wooden handle tied with vines. Against what could have been a neck. The face above it looked at me. Two eyes closed in serenity, one open in expectance.

“Witness. No more. The doing, I should do alone. Everyone should walk his own journey alone. You can choose not to. The alternative is a no-life. But you can always choose. You have what you need for the next step. You have the keys that will open the path.”

“You are no more than nourishment to be consumed, plucked as if ripe fruit. But you could be more. You are been threatened but they cannot touch the artifacts. All they can do is try to make you stop. Understand. The vessel is his life line, his way to feed. Kill one you starve the other. His name you have witnessed. His heart you have heard deep. If you are to escape you have to risk everything.”

“I can only offer knowledge nothing more. Consider it as a gift. You need a weapon, a dagger much like my own. It is locked. He always keeps it close, he is always afraid. You need the ceremonial items they hold to unlock it. You’ll find them in the bowels of the ship…”

I saw it then above him, a five pointed star and the letters. My dreams, all those dreams. Parts to lead me here. Missing pieces, even here, at the center of it all. I moved to touch the letters and the branches were around me.


There is not any choice. I have chosen when I signed that contract in what seems like an eternity away. What there is though is the faintest glint of hope, I know where everything should be put… time to see our cargo from up close…

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