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His words are still in my head. They brought together pieces I have not connected before. Our cargo is the ceremonial items the tree creature mentioned in my dream. That was when I remembered. "Where everything should be put". I knew where to look for them. I found the cabin, the number I found from the maps in the navigator’s room was on the door. But it was locked. The only person who could have that key is the captain. Too important to entrust it to anyone else… But how could I take it from him?

I was looking at the skies, thinking back on what I’ve learned, the new obstacle in my way and the ordeals that await me until the end. The rain, a welcome chill, against my feverish skin. It seemed like there was a message in the thunders splitting the skies above me.

Was it a sign from whatever forces look after me?

Or the hallucinations of a man grasping at every false hope?

One thing is for sure I am desperate enough to try it.

Thrown my head out of the deck. The storm was wild. Then I saw her, a slim figure, rising from water and clouds, turning her head away from me. It was just for a split second but her figure was etched forever on my mind.

The mermaid may have just given me the solution I needed. Women luring men to eternal rest under the waves. Maybe that was what I needed to do… Put, even for a while, the captain to sleep. Just enough to get my hands on the key. Everything I need must be at the infirmary.

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