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Breaking into the infirmary left me with questions. The door needed a code to unlock but there was no clue to help or puzzle to solve. The only code I could think of was the one I thought I saw in the thunders.

And it worked!

Divine intervention? Are the dreams also sent from some greater power? Till now they have guided me forward one way or another.

The infirmary, or better say the lab, was peculiar. I don’t know what kind of doctor this one is, but his interests seemed unusual... The room had shelves with alchemical instruments, maps and medicine. Some of them were disassembled and some obviously in steps of construction. Some of them resembling the torturing instruments I have seen before.

The only thing locked in the room that seemed of importance was a desk against one wall with an intricate design and drawers. It had a very weird system on top of it with small wooden pieces that when pressed produced a metallic sound. On the wall above it there was a painting with numbers inside connected circles. They seemed to be related.

 I did not have time to search around anymore. Someone could come at any minute. I left, making sure everything was locked and undisturbed.

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