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After I returned to the infirmary opening the front drawer of the desk revealed just what I needed. Rows of phials with liquids of different colors. I stuffed the one labeled “for insomnia” in my pocket. The instructions said not to use more than a few drops, well… I don’t plan to follow them to the letter…

Drugging the captain needed a delicate plan. Maybe sneaking into the kitchen and pouring some drops to his afternoon tea would be as close as I can get to him. As long as I don't get caught. I am not a stranger to the ship's cook anyway..

I left some days pass before I tried anything. I emptied just enough of the phial, and followed the tea bearer… After he left it did not take much time before I could hear him snoring from inside.

I entered making sure to be as silent as possible. Finding the key was easy. I could see it hanging behind the bars of a sophisticated locked cupboard. Opening it not so much. But the captain was not even moving after a while. If not for his breath I would have thought I made a mistake with the dosage and killed him.

The padlock puzzle was… unique… Some squares were filled. I wonder what the numbers mean.

I’ll need to try the same trick a second time after I have the solution. It’s risky but I don’t have another option at the moment.

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