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"I Just solved Chapter 34"

I finally got the key! It took almost the whole bottle of the potion at my last attempt. Just to be sure... Now I have almost everything that I need.

The amulets are restless. Trying to hide them is not easy as they constantly move wherever I put them.

Think my last dream came from their magnetic fields...

I could not see or hear anything. And then the music started, abruptly, the sound, almost ethereal, as if coming from the depths. I knew the melody from my youth, but it was not exact, small mistakes here and there but I couldn’t pinpoint them.

And then it was done. An echo of the melody lingering in the air. I’m pretty sure by now that this has nothing to do with music. My dreams want to show me something. But what am I missing?

Never thought that my music theory would ever assist me. Playing back in my mind what I am reading I am convinced now that something is wrong with the notes. Maybe if I find the mistakes, their positions will tell me something.

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