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"I Just solved Chapter 35"

I have the key and made my way to the lower levels.

I was right about my last dream. After opening the door I found myself in a corridor, narrow and long, filled with paintings that seemed to extend forever in the dark. Each one of them had a plaque above it, with a number and a letter. It would have taken me ages to search and unlock them all. But my last dream has revealed which ones I needed.

The paintings were making me feel uneasy. Shifting in the shadows of their frames.

The first I needed - 2G - a tall one that showed a tentacle monster. It may have been a trick of the light or my shaken mind but it seemed to move as if a breeze or a current was, ever so slightly, moving the tips of his tentacles. Above it a familiar symbol. Below it a square with letters. This is the moment the amulets will help me!

I’ll need to come back and find the rest as well, I have no more time now, dawn is breaking and I have to go on with my routine. Keep a low profile.

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