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I found the second painting tonight. The further I walk down this path, the more anxious I feel. It seems to extend indefinitely to the point that it makes no sense. The ship can’t be that big and there are no turns anywhere.

The painting was of a half monster with an open mouth, five eyes and four hands. The sigil below it was the same as my watch's. It is an amulet after all, and I feel the back side with the numbers hold the solution for the two similar squares that the painting has...

This time I am sure. I thought the eyes were following me. I moved closer to get a better look at its face and threw myself against the far wall the very next moment. All its hands have moved, as if they would come out of the painting and drag me into their dimension. It made me to not want to touch it or even be close to it. It made me want to run and run until I am far away from this corridor and this whole ship.

What have these people summoned? What price have they paid? We have not seen a shore for more than a month now. The ship keeps sailing. As I can assume from the sun and the stars all these days we are heading east... The pacific ocean?

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