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I had to infiltrate even further to find the last painting. The more I went down the corridor the more afraid I grew. The further I went the more alive the paintings became. I could hear the canvases stretch and crack behind me. The final painting was the slim tall figure of a god or being, long dead and now back to hunt… It did not show any sign of acknowledging my presence, almost as if I was unimportant to it. Instead it moved its head slowly as if sensing something in the air.

Another square with letters, the frame the same as one of the amulets. While I was focusing at it trying to memorize the letters to solve it later, I grew oblivious to the painting as a whole. A mistake I hope I don’t pay most dearly. The next time I looked at it the being was nowhere inside the painting. I instantly felt cold sweat run down my spine, looking around me, expecting to hear a growl and feel his teeth in my flesh …

Time is running out. I can feel the ship vibrating, the metal pieces of it coming off as if it's returning to its previous form. Underneath glowing cracks. The crew is afraid. They whisper about hearing hooves at night from the upper levels. Their sound resembling a horse's. More people have gone missing. Nobody speaks about them, but we all know they are down in the lowest levels. Hope it’s not my turn to disappear.

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