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These last days have almost blown my mind away.. The crew was right. Hoofs walking on the upper levels is now a fact I've witnessed. In all this "mess"  Ι managed  to sketch the three riddles of the paintings and tried to solve them as soon as possible.  Tonight, cautiously I made my move. The riddle on the tentacle monster painting was the first I cracked…

 Behind the painting there was a mask. Bars were blocking my way, stopping me from reaching it. This must be the first of the three ceremonial items I need..

The bars seemed kind of magical. Glowing with an internal light and painful to the touch as if they scorched me even though my skin remained unburned…

At the bottom it was written: from six to seven and then to four…Is this how they count?

I know what I should do when I have all of them, but until then ... What? Where do I hide them? What if they look for them?  If they find out the key is missing they’ll probably move them and set an ambush here… I will keep using the same tactic.

Sketch - Solve - Acquire

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