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The painting of the half monster was the second one I opened, using my lucky watch-amulet. Behind it the second item. I don’t even want to start thinking what they put in this goblet, as a ceremonial item it is highly unlikely that they drink wine out of it. Disgusted or not though, I have to get this, all the same …

This time, blocking my way to it, were these chains, just like prison bars. Made of metal links like normal ones and yet unmovable.

I want desperately to think, the hands hanging at their ends, were not real ones. I’m not going to touch them to test it… I am pretty sure though that they are not pointing somewhere or at something…

 Nowhere on this ship would they be safe. Leaving this nasty corridor had another surprise for me. As I was ascending through the candle shadows back to my cabin I accidentally overheard a short, but still intriguing, conversation. The cook and the navigator were discussing about how long they can keep everything in order.. The crew -what is still left of it- is restless.. The navigator said " in six days everything will end, we will reach Lahmazal. He has gathered all the power he needs, the awakening will begin".

So six days left...

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