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I was walking. Drifting like a specter in the fog… There is no way to know how much I walked.

A gate was just there. It did not appear suddenly. It was always there. Its metal was old and rusty but it did not appear fragile. It looked like it wouldn’t open no matter what. It was about 20 meters tall, no way to scale it and jump over, with a gargoyle on the top right side. It seemed to be marking a certain position, showing the way while grinning with malice.

A gate to nowhere though. No walls left or right, just it standing there in the middle of the fog. You could walk around it and nothing visible was there to stop you, approach it from either side and you looked at the same metal bars. It did not guard anything. Or so you would think until you got close. Through it you could see hills. Seeded with an endless number of graves and tombs, statues scattered here and there.

Four sculls embedded on the sides and the gargoyle. I reached my hand and took them. Each scull had symbols engraved on it. I wonder what these symbols are hiding…

The shouts of the boatswain woke me up. He was yelling to take the northeast current trail.

What a wicked dream...

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