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Descending for the last time to that endless corridor 8C was the last painting. Behind it a wall with engraved stones. It looks like I need a number to proceed. From letters to numbers?

Although it felt like a stone wall to the touch it was almost transparent and behind it I could see the shape of a long staff. Tentacles are wrapped around it. It's the last item I need.

I hid the rest under a loose plank right under my bed. The whole ship is coming apart at the seams. The vibrations I have been feeling for days now are getting more violent each passing day. Most of the metallic parts are gone, and the shape of the ship now resembles a carrack back from the 16th century.

All this time that I'm sketching I can hear right above my head the hooves violently smashing on the floor in a rhythm with the flapping of wings in-between the hits. I fear that it is really close to its target. I should leave the moment I have the last item. I should hide.

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