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The very first moment the staff was in my hands the alarms sounded and roused the whole ship. Officers shouted important cargo has been taken. I run and hid. Did I succeed at the nick of time or was I too late?

Hours has passed, it must be near midnight again... They are searching the whole ship. I sneaked out tonight to find something to eat. Will need my strength for what’s to come... What I saw extends far beyond my imagination. Animals, of an immense size, patrolling the corridors, barely able to pass through them.

I noticed the clocks as while passing the steward's office. They have something to do with the patrols. I am sure about it. But what? Need to figure out how the shifts work in order to proceed…Is there a pattern among them? I need to find it NOW!

Only 3 days left...

I am horrified but I need to press on. I need to reach the secret chamber behind the piano and place the items. The tree creature in my dream told me I need the dagger... And I am quite sure I know what I am supposed to stab with it and where to find it.

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