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I was careful with the patrols. Avoided and made use of the small gaps between the changes to make my way to the dining room. I am locked in the chamber behind the piano now. I entered and closed it firmly behind me.

The pillar was there as I remembered it. The moment I placed the three items the chains moved with a rustle and brought my prize to eye level. The whole room glowing, the floor transparent, it felt like walking on thin glass about to break at any step... Below me, three floors down, the heart of the ship ...Its circular centre is beating steady and loud. Three tentacles rise up from the top leaning right and left almost like waving to me.

My target crystal clear, the dagger at arm's reach. Are they mocking me? This being’s confidence will be its downfall… I’ll make sure of it …  Just have to solve the last chain lock to get the dagger… On its base it had an octopus like head with tentacles that were moving independently…

I’ll stay here until I solve this and drive that cursed blade through this ship’s heart stopping this madness.

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