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It is done. The ship is gone. I should be happy but my mind keeps on returning to all these people. The whole crew now below the waves along with the ship and its demons.

I drove the dagger deep down the ship's heart. For a moment nothing happened. Everything was silent. Then a creaking sound started. Cracks appeared in the room letting an electric blue light in. Chaos outside. Voices of terror and anger and pain. Got out. The whole ship was glowing, blinding me. I headed for the upper levels finding my way touching the walls. The whole ship was in disarray. People jumping at the sea and others in corners muttering and laughing. Unnatural screams and voices mixed with the sound of fire.

 They chased me, animals and horrors out of this reality. I ran blind. Someone grasped my arm and pulled me around a corner so suddenly they lost me. Thought I saw Yang, but turning around nobody was there.

Reached the deck and saw the captain there. No longer human. A huge being with wings and hooves. He charged but never reached me. The last image I remember an immense white beam of light splitting the ship in half. A heat wave hit me and threw me in the sea. One last deafening scream, as if from the ship itself. Silence...

The sea had me. I am in one of the lifeboats. Don't know how I got here. Hunger. These boats always have provisions. Food is hidden in this box. Have to open it quick. The sun is burning. I need some water…

The final task.

Stay alive.

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