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Almost a week has passed since my last nightmare and still I can't get some decent sleep. Tonight without wanting to spend the rest of the night looking at the ceiling I went out for a smoke. Everyone has gone to rest.  The "silence" around me is somehow comforting, the only things I can hear are the waves against the ship, the engine inside the belly of this beast and a steady bell toll.

What is this bell? It’s not one of the common we have at the ship. Its sound is deeper… I could recognize a rhythm, a motif in it, repeating over and over, slow but steady. It’s not a lighthouse’s bell either; I’ve worked at a lighthouse in Mar De Plata, Argentina for two years and I know how their bells sound. What could this be? Paying close attention, the bell’s chime seems more like a calling. It’s coming from the ship, a signal?

But for whom? To what? To where? We are in the middle of nowhere, no shore in the horizon, no islands I know of in these waters.

So to what kind of being could this be directed to, and what could the message be?

The bell does not seem to disturb the ship. Could it be just in my mind? Am I the only soul hearing it?

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