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We reached the first port tonight, Izmir. Or at least that’s what I was told. I’ve been to Izmir two years ago and nothing I saw today looked the same. It was almost midnight and the streets looked deserted, only a dog barking in the distance and the chill of the midnight wind.

We were tasked to get hold of a specific crate and get it on the ship. When we reached the cargo room at the port, it was locked with chains and a padlock that needed a four digit numerical code. There was no one there to greet us or open the door but someone from the crew knew the code and we could move ahead with our business.

As I was passing by the lock, hanging now open from the bars, my eye caught a glimpse of the code and I hesitated for a moment before stepping inside with the others. It was the same code as the symbols from my dream revealed. With the image of the hills I saw in my dream still fresh on my mind I did not wish to take another step through the door. But the cargo we needed was there…

The crate itself was engraved with a myriad of letters and symbols in spiraling formations, words and sentences I couldn’t pinpoint to be of any language I have knowledge of.

Getting the cargo on the ship was a bit tricky. Moving it forward to the port was truly difficult since the crate was really heavy and rain kept us company.  We all kept going, without looking backwards.

I’ve never encountered a cargo like that before. Whatever it was it’s out of our hands now. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

As we were approaching the dock, it was deep dark. Rising my eyes to see how much distance we were left, I saw that the lights in the cabins of the chief officers at the top level were on.  Anxious movements and shadows moving quickly inside the windows. It would be normal to see some shadows at night... But the shadows were not human like..

Not an easy day…or night.

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