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We left Izmir the very next morning as if we were on the run.

For the past three hours I’m sitting at the cabin of my "old" friend. Yang was his name and was the man that maybe saved my life when we boarded the ship. All these days we have been trying to spend time together as we both enjoyed the company of each other.

We’ve been quiet for some time now, me writing here and he polishing some peculiar plates. Curious, I asked him about them. Lucky plates from his ancestors going back in time, he said. Plates that have traveled all around the globe and are still in one piece. These heirlooms seem to be awfully old, heirlooms from his great grandfather, passed from his grandfather to his father and now to him. Their silver color made me remember the show with the spinning plates back in 1902 on my first voyage to Beijing.

I never learned to speak or read Chinese, I barely know a couple of words I’ve picked up at my travels. But as he was polishing them with a cloth I got the impression I could almost make out what they were writing. What a strange lucky charm, but if something brings luck I’m ok with it.

I told him I lost my own lucky item, my watch. He believes as well it is still on the ship, lost or stolen. He’ll keep his eyes open for any sign of it.  I had this watch in all of my journeys it feels almost like bad luck will follow its disappearance.

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