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I got lost today.

I am quite sure I followed the same path I’ve taken before to reach the kitchen. But it led me somewhere else completely, a dead end with a dark staircase leading to the lower levels. I was ready to turn around and follow my steps back but then I heard the whims… The same whims I heard the other day when I was in the steam engine control room. This time I decided to follow the stairs and ended up in a long narrow corridor. The first thing I saw was the numbers on the doors. The normal thing would be for them to be following a normal pattern, 1 to 2 to 3, but that was not the case, the numbers were seemingly random and of four digits.

As I was wondering why someone would do something like this I heard the crying again and a door closing. Leaned a bit and saw three of the officers and the ship's captain coming towards the staircase. I rushed myself to the lower level in order to avoid this "meeting". I stood there for a few seconds waiting to hear where they would be heading. They moved up and what a relief!

Before I even started to head to the upper levels I heard crying at this level once more. It was coming from a door different to the others. It had metal bars locking it in place and a big wheel that consisted the locking mechanism. Worried I knocked at the door and asked if everything was OK inside. The moment I started speaking a complete silence followed. I leaned towards the door to hear better and a violent hit shook it on its hinges and made me jump back.

The speech that followed it, was fast and confusing. From what I could piece together from the words I heard, he was held there against his will. The supposedly sick second mechanic. I asked him why, he said he could not say, he did not know if he could trust me. But he knew my watch was stolen and he knew where it was. He told me he had something taken from him as well. Some kind of amulet. If I brought it back to him he would tell me where my watch is. I asked him how I could do that since I had no idea where it may be. He laughed…

I could not make him tell me anything more after that. He seemed lost in his own mind again and kept repeating parts of our conversation to himself while sobbing.

What should I make of all these?  What did he mean when he told me "beware of his lethal kiss"?

I don’t know if I want to investigate the things he mentioned further… I am not sure it would be wise to find out more…

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