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    Completely lost on this one. Ari is huis first name, everybody calls him master. So what?

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    How did you all solve this?? I feel so stupid! Help!

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    Your answer is inside the book… You have to look a certain part of it in order to find the SURNAME. Well, maybe somewhere there are several names..

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    I have enter the surmane from chapter 17 but do not work. Please Help!!!

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    Totally epic. By far the best puzzle book I’ve had the pleasure to solve. Thank you!

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    Finally finished!
    I was stuck on 39 for six months and finished the rest in 30 minutes..! What can I say..?
    Thank you for putting my mind to work!

    .. as for the final riddle, the surname is well after chapter 17… really much further back…

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    Hello travelers! Please feel free to join the newly found Facebook community for updates on puzzles for both books Forbidden Mine and Dark Sails as well as for the original Trip 1907!

    visit this link here:

    In the files section you will find passcodes and solutions that will help you keep going with your games and you can give hints to other players!


Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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